#259. [September 10th, 2014]

New found love! A marshmallow cafe which also serves wonderful desserts and handmade craft items.

#258. [September 10th, 2014]

Trying out the newly opened korean cafe in town. Bingsu ftw!

#257. [September 6th, 2014]

Sushi with my fav avocado ^^

#256. [September 6th, 2014]

Dragonfruit flavoured Vitamin water

#255. [August 31st, 2014]

"It’s Japan baked daily" - Komugi 

#254. [August 12th, 2014]

The city i live in…

#253. [August 10th, 2014]

Tea > Coffee

#252. [August 9th, 2014]

Phở and Bánh tráng cuốn at a local vietnamese restaurant

#251. [August 9th, 2014]

Enjoyed the concert 

#251. [August 9th, 2014]

My fav guitarist Lee Jonghyun at CN Blue Can’t Stop Live in Kuala Lumpur